Our Nations’ financial independence is built through an Indigenous Wealth model that actively participates in supply chains that believe in Reconciliation, Economic Impact and Sustainability.


Pathway Supply delivers a diverse selection of products that supports the growth of our customers business while supporting the growth of Indigenous capacity, reinvestment into our local communities and building Indigenous wealth.


QUALITY – Pathway Supply is driven to build an exceptional reputation around quality of goods & customer service.

CONVENIENCE – Ease of business while working with Pathway is our number one priority, we’re here to help your operation run smoothly & build a relationship together.

IMPACT – We create a better world around us because we choose to operate our business in a way that is diverse, inclusive and leaves a legacy for generations to come. Our model enhances socio-economic outcomes as we know the value of looking beyond just financial returns to build a more prosperous community where we do business. 

INDIGENOUS CAPACITY – Reconciliation and prosperity begins with the choices we make in how we create opportunity for Indigenous people. We grow Indigenous capacity through active participation in governance, leadership, employment, training, supply chain and investment in youth.  

BUILDING SUSTAINABILITY – We believe in building a business together that brings the best of our two worlds that will last generations through a focus on environmental, social and governance impacts. 

REINVESTING – Our people and community matter. By investing in both, we enhance the impact in the communities where we do business.  

Pathway Supply LP.

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Regina, SK S4N 5X7