Empowering Women: Pathway Supply LP Breaks Barriers with Exclusive Women's Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Line

Empowering Women: Pathway Supply LP Breaks Barriers with Exclusive Women's Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Line

In a groundbreaking move, Pathway Supply LP, an Indigenous-owned business in Saskatchewan, is making waves in the industrial maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) industry. They have launched a pioneering campaign that features exclusively women's Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), a milestone in an industry that has traditionally catered to a predominantly male workforce.

Pathway Supply's commitment to inclusivity and safety led them to partner with Latoplast, a Canadian wholesale distributor with almost 50 years experience in the industry. Pathway Supply worked with Latoplast to expand their pre-existing women’s line of PPE and the result is a comprehensive women's PPE line that is both functional and comfortable. This initiative reflects Pathway's dedication to empowering women in the industrial sector and promoting diversity within the workforce.

A Step Toward Inclusivity

One of the main challenges women face in industrial professions is the lack of PPE designed to suit their needs properly. Standard-issue PPE, often ill-fitted and uncomfortable, can hinder work performance and safety. Recognizing this gap in the market, Pathway Supply decided to take action.

The women's PPE line that Pathway Supply now carries is a game-changer. It offers a range of options, including high-visibility, fire-retardant, and non-fire-retardant gear, gloves and safety glasses. This ensures that women working in various industrial environments have access to the safety equipment they need, no matter the job's specific requirements.

Maternity PPE Line: A Revolutionary Step

One of the most remarkable features of Pathway Supply's women's PPE line is the inclusion of a full maternity range. This is a significant advancement for pregnant women in industrial professions who have long struggled to find protective gear that accommodates their changing bodies.

The maternity line is designed to provide comfort and safety to expectant mothers. It features adjustable sizing, expandable panels, and soft, breathable materials to ensure that pregnant workers can continue to perform their duties without compromising safety or comfort. This new line adheres to the highest standards of FR requirements while allowing women to still feel their best at work.

A Campaign Celebrating Women in Industry

Pathway Supply's campaign showcasing this exclusive women's PPE line is not just about functional safety gear; it's about celebrating and empowering women in the workforce. The campaign features women from various industrial professions, showcasing their expertise, passion, and the vital roles they play in their respective fields.

By highlighting women in these traditionally male-dominated industries, Pathway Supply hopes to inspire the next generation of female workers to pursue careers in these sectors with confidence and the assurance that they will have access to the necessary protective equipment.


Pathway Supply's groundbreaking initiative is a testament to their commitment to inclusivity, safety, and diversity in the industrial maintenance, repair, and operations sector. By launching an exclusive women's PPE line and celebrating the achievements of women in these industries, they are paving the way for a more equitable and empowering future.

The introduction of a full maternity line within this collection is particularly noteworthy, as it addresses the unique needs of pregnant women working in these demanding professions. This initiative not only sets Pathway Supply apart as an industry leader but also serves as an inspiration for businesses to embrace diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. The launch of this campaign sends a powerful message: women belong in the industrial workforce, and they deserve PPE that empowers them to excel while keeping them safe.

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